Technopark's primary mandate is to promote entrepreneurship and employment in the region. Towards furthering this objective, Technopark has launched a business incubator facility christened 'Technopark Business Innovation Centre' (T-BIC). Technopark established the Technopark Business Incubation Centre (TBIC) during 2002 with the support of Government of Kerala for incubating Business and Technology Enterprises. So far the TBIC has assisted 71 start-up companies in the Incubation Centre. Out of this, 35 companies have graduated and moved into larger space in the Campus and 32 are still continuing their operation in the incubator. Altogether, these companies have created 2000 job opportunities thus yielding a success rate of almost 95% that indeed a creditable achievement to the country.
Graduated Incubatees
The following members have graduated from T-BIC
Acco Bizware Pvt Ltd URL : www.accobizware.com
Adion Road Links Pvt Ltd URL :www.adion.in
Auto India.com URL : www.autoindia.com
Bigpond Technologies India Pvt Ltd URL : www.bigpondtech.com
Cardinal Automated Business Solution Pvt Ltd URL: : www.dreams.e4all.com
Cepios Group Inc URL: www.cepios.com
Cell Technologies Pvt Ltd URL: www.cellplc.com
Digitella  Outsourcing Pvt Ltd URL: www.digitella.in
Dundas Software Pvt Ltd URL: www.dundas.com
Excel Students Tutoring Pvt. Ltd  
eZe Care Systems Pvt Ltd URL: www.ezecare.com
Geotrans Technologies Pvt Ltd URL: www.geotranstech.com
Hages B Solutions Pvt Ltd URL:www.hbsind.com
I-Manager Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd URL: www.imanagerindia.com 
Intergrated Dynamic Solutions Pvt Ltd URL: www.idspage.com
Itraitz IT Solutions Pvt Ltd URL: www.itraitz.com
Kerala Next.com URL:  www.keralanext.com  
Kreara Solutions Pvt Ltd URL: www.kreara.com  
MDI Datanet India Pvt Ltd URL: www.mdidatanetindia.com
Morning Paper Web Service Pvt Ltd URL: www.morningpapers.com  
Mecampus Cyber Security & Technology P Ltd URL: www.mecampus.in
Optibiz Software Technologies Pvt Ltd URL: www.optibiztech.com
Optiwise Solutions Pvt Ltd URL: www.cernium.com
Paragon Biomedical India Pvt Ltd URL: www.parabio.com  
Pivot Systems Pvt Ltd URL: www.pivotsys.com
RNC BPOI URL: www.rnc-bpoi.com
RWDI Consulting Engineers & Scientists India Pvt Ltd URL: www.rwdi.com
Sandblue Technologies Pvt Ltd URL: www.sandblue.com
Saturn Systemwares Pvt Ltd URL: www.saturn.in
Spazio Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd URL: www.spazioindia.com
Speridian Technologies Pvt Ltd URL: www.speridian.com  
SRC Software Pvt Limited URL: www.onlinesrcs.com
Standout IT Solutions Pvt Ltd URL: www.sitstech.com
Synthite Technologies URL: www.synthitetech.com
Travancore Software Solutions Pvt Ltd URL: www.travancore.net  
Vinirma Consultancy URL:www.vinirma.com
Wins Infotek Pvt Ltd URL: www.winsinfotek.com
 YSC Engineering Services Pvt Ltd URL:www.yscindia.com

MobME Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd( Torque 360 Degrees Solutions ) * URL: www.mobme.in
Novellsys Technologies Pvt Ltd  URL: www.novellsys.com
Aten India Software Solutions URL: www.atenindia.com
Grid Designs Solutions Pvt Ltd URL: www.gdsind.com
Insilica Technologies Pvt Ltd URL: www.insilica.net
Novellsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd. URL: www.novellsys.com
Winux Innovation Technology Pvt Ltd URL: www.winux-it.com

Present Incubatees

  • Advanced Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd (AMTECH)
  • AR Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Artin Dynamic Controls Pvt Ltd *
  • Cre8tivebug Software Pvt Ltd
  • Divx Medical & Software Technologies P Ltd *
  • EastEnd Health Care Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • E-biz Consultancy Pvt Ltd
  • Gridzone Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Light Logics Holography & Optics Pvt. Ltd.  *
  • Leeds Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Mirox Cyber Security & Technology Pvt Ltd.
  • Navicare Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Prapty Data Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Slashome Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Sooryakiran Bio Informatics Pvt Ltd *
  • Viswarethna Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Dev Web Services Pvt Ltd
  • Infomind Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Inometrics Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Intigen Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Mobshare Mobile Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Optio Logic Pvt Ltd
  • Innoz Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

                                                      * Companies Operating in T-TBI

TBIC Company profiles
1. Advanced Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd (AMTECH)
Advanced Media Technologies Pvt Ltd (Amtech) is an upcoming design studio with operations in India and Germany. With web solution services and the best of new media technology delivered to Fortune 1000 companies across the globe, Amtech has earned a formidable reputation in developing premier e-environments to meet client needs . Creative and intellectual skills are used to develop high-end e-based applications, online marketing and interactive new media technology. Amtech is also richly experienced in online marketing services like banners, e-mail newsletter campaigns, online brand building-brochures, e-catalogues, e-manuals, e-books, e-cards, e-presentations and search engine optimization. Clients will be provided all the required support for campaigns in a highly competitive marketplace by Amtech's skilled strategic planning and creative execution processes.
Contact Address
Thejus F , Park Centre , Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581
Phone: + 91-471-2553500
Email: info@amtechind.com
URL: wwww.amtechind.com
Director : Mr. Shabeer Naha
2. A. R. Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd
AR. Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a one hundred percent export oriented development center owned by A R Solutions Pte. Ltd. Singapore. The company provide a range of innovative quality solutions that meet the needs of various businesses and industries. The products developed and services rendered are through focused expertise and specialisation relevant to a particular industry or business segment. A. R. Software creates value for businesses through our talented team of professionals and by using the latest information tools and technologies.
Contact Address
Park Centre, Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581
Phone:+91 471 4061101
Email: firoz@arsspl.com
Website : www.arsspl.com , www.arsolutions.biz
CEO: Mr. Abdul Kareem
Contact Person : Ms. Sajeena PS, Mr. Firoz M
3. Cre8tivebug Software Pvt Ltd
Cre8tivebug is a versatile creative web design interactive agency based in India. We committed to create great digital ideas that helping businesses achieve their online marketing goals. We specialize in web design, web application development, Software Development, flash interactive micro site,content management system and online marketing campaigns. To date, we have worked with established companies from diverse industries, such as entertainment, technology, electronics and media.
Contact Address
A-6, 8 seater, TBIC, NILA, Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581
Email: info@cre8tivebug.com
URL: www.cre8tivebug.com
Director –Mr. Biju Philip
4. Dev Web Services India Pvt Ltd
Dev web services (I) Pvt Ltd. offer Intranet and Web-related services. The services offered include website development, design, hosting, maintenance, marketing, and analysis. We develop products for the global market leveraging the knowledge on Web 2.0 technologies, Multimedia and 3D Visualization techniques. As a Total web solution provider Dev Web offers domain registration and web hosting services. At Dev web we have developed our own CMS based software to cater the needs of content managed websites. The experienced and technically competent work force at Dev Web Services offers a gamut of IT services - built upon their expertise in following core areas like:
Web Development , CMS Websites , Web Hosting & Domain Registration , Multimedia CD Presentation, Corporate Identity , Print Adds, Portal Services
Contact Address:
B-8(B),TBIC,Technopark Campus
Phone: +91-471-4060015 (Technopark office)/+973-36685688 (Bahrain Office)
Email: info@devwebservices.net ,
Careers : hr@devwebservices.net
CEO: Mr.M.G.Sree Kumar
5. EastEnd Health Care Solutions Pvt Ltd
East End group is a leading healthcare solutions provider. We offer wide variety of services in health care industry across the globe. East end currently operates in various portfolios of modern medicine, alternative medicine, concierge services and rehab and tourist services.
Contact Address
B1, TBIC, Nila, Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581
Email: maileastend@aol.com
Phone: 91-471-2700353
CEO: Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran
Contact Person : Mr. Umashankar
6. e.biz Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd.
Contact Address
NILA, Technopark Campus
Phone : +91 (0) 471 2557824
Chief Executive Officer: Mrs.Sujatha
Contact Person: Mr. Pushparaj
7. Gridzone Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Gridzone Software Solutions Pvt Ltd (GSS) is a Software & Web Development company specializing online applications & business solutions with latest technologies. The aim of GSS is to provide custom built solutions which perfectly match with the functional needs of our clients. GSS deliver solutions using the state of art technologies like DOT net, JAVA J2EE, PHP, Web Service & WAP.Another objective of GSS is Software Research on advanced technologies which is an alliance of applied research & technology partnership between technology & industry. Our services include Software & Web Development, E-Commerce application, Content Management & Site administration, Software Rersearch, Multimedia & Graphic Solutions.
Contact Address
A-5, TBIC, NILA Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581
Phone : +91 471 4060030
Fax : +91 471 4060031
CEO: Mr. Aseem Bin Basheer
Email: info@gridzoneindia.com
URL: www.gridzoneindia.com
Intigen Technologies Pvt Ltd  Contact address
B6, TBIC, NILA, Technopark Campus 
8. Leeds Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Leeds Technologies offers organisations a fast and reliable partner to develop tailor-made web-applications using PHP/Perl and ASP.Net. Expert management, business requirement analysis, effective communications, progress reports, test procedures, fullcyclem quality assurance and feedback sessions are the basis of the development strategy. Leeds Technologies also offers maintenance and support contracts on the solutions delivered, building up long term relationships with existing clients.The clients can therefore stay focused on their core business and profit from new technologies without the need of having in-depth knowledge of the technologies used.
Contact address
Contact Address
B-8 Module TBIC ,Nila
Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581
Director: Ms. Reshmi Padma
9. Mirox Cyber Security & Technology Pvt Ltd
Mirox Cyber Security & Technology Pvt Ltd is an IT Security and Networking Solution Based Company providing Training, Development, Implementation and solutions in Security related area, to verticals like Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Research centers, Pharmaceutical Industries, Retail marketing, IT companies, Education centers & Universities, Insurance, Telecommunications Manufacturing Industries and various Government organizations etc in security related area. Company is Business Alliance and Implementer Partner of several High end security and networking products of leading and well known brands. Mirox will be the only-of-its-kind Total one stop Information & Physical Security Assurance and Solution Company, considers security to be an amalgamation of confidentiality, integrity, availability, non-repudiation, reliability, access control and authentication. We emphasize on management- and operations-controlled security as against the conventional technical controls that networks rely on.
Contact Address
A-6, TBIC, NILA, Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581
Ph: +91-471-4016888,4013999
Email: info@miroxindia.com
Website : www.miroxindia.com
CEO & Managing Director -Mr.Rajesh Babu
Chairman - Mr. Mohamed Razi Davood
10. NaviCare Solutions Pvt Ltd
NaviCare Solutions Pvt. Ltd is to become a key IT solutions and services provider in a highly competitive and effervescent marketplace, with it?s key focus on Europe. NaviCare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is mainly focused on Healthcare systems - a key high growth vertical market in the UK - providing software solutions to Care Homes, Social Services Department and the National Health Services with our healthcare product.
Contact Address
A -9, TBIC, Nila, Technopark, Trivandrum
Phone: 3253957
URL: www.eurosws.com
Email id: contact@eurosws.com
CEO:Mr. Naren Satra
11. Prapty Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Prapty is an exclusive SAP Technology Service provider with a dedicated focus in delivering the best and the most cost efficient Services in SAP Basis and NetWeaver Technologies. Strategically located at Technopark, Trivandrum in the God's own country of Kerala, the Company is one of the few dedicated SAP Basis Service companies in the Globe, who proposes real value Services to its Customers.
Contact Address
A-2, T-BIC, NILA, Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581
Telefax: - ++91 - 471 - 3042120
Email: solutions@prapty.co.in
Website : www.prapty.com
CEO : Mr. Rejith Rajendran
12. Slashome Technologies Pvt Ltd
Slashome provides solutions based on Free and Open Source Software products.We empower you to increase the level of Quality, remove cost from your revenue chain, boost profitability and demonstrate measurable improvement in your company's overall performance. As a global leader in Free and Open Source Software Technologies, Slashome offers products and services, expertise, and technologies that enable you to maximize return on investments, conserve resources and optimize performance across your value chain. Slashome meets the needs of the Open source Industry - from Webhosting companies to Corporates as well as the discrete and hybrid manufacturing sectors, and provides services to Textile Industry, Banking sectors, Retail Industry and Educational InstitutionsWith sustainable growth as a primary goal, the Executive Management and Board of Directors work closely together to ensure that Slashome continues to: Provide customers with world-class products, services, and solutions Promote trust with investors, business partners, employees, and the general public Offer employees unique challenges, professional development opportunities, and a work-life balanceContribute to the global community by increasing value and efficiency of our customer's businesses.
Contact Address
Park Centre, Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581
Phone: 0471-2700170
Email: amjadh@slashome.com
Website : www.slashome.com
CEO : Mr. Praveen S Khan
13. Viswarethna Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd (ACTSINFO)
Viswarethna Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd a division of Actsinfo (www.actsinfo.biz) is front-runner in the global software outsourcing market by offering specialized services based upon our expertise in product research and development. ACTS Info understands businesses and aims to deliver value to its customers through its software solutions and services. ACTS Info has Divisions in Software Development, Software Constancy, Graphic Designing, B.P.O and K.P.O .The experienced and technically competent work force at ACTS Info offers a gamut of IT services - built upon their expertise in four core areas like: Java technologies (J2EE and J2ME) , Microsoft .NET technologies , Database technologies , Open Source technologies and PHP Programming
Contact Address
A7, TBIC, NILA, Technopark Campus
Trivandrum 695 581 India
Phone: (91) 0471 4064600
Email: satheesh.babu@actsinfo.biz
URL: www.actsinfo.biz
Managing Director and CEO: V.S Suresh Babu
HR & Finance Manager : Satheesh Babu
14. Optio Logic Technologies Pvt Ltd
OptioLogic is the brainchild of aggregative glowing intellects from a fervent group of people. In this faction one can find Architects, Developers, System analysts, Designers, Content writers, Project managers, Database experts, flash developers & .Net consultants.
The services OptioLogic provides are in the areas of Software development & support, Web design and application development, Share point services, Project conversions to .NET, Microsoft solutions, e-Learning solutions, Content development, Learning Management systems etc. The success behind this team is not just pertinent delivery but also the procedure that we follow for individual projects.
Contact Address:

Directors: Mr. Sameer S,Mr. Naveen N

A-6, T-BIC, Nila,Technopark Campus
Office: +91 471 4019975
Fax: +91 471 4019976
Email: enquiry@optiologic.com
URL: www.optiologic.com

15. Intigen Technologies Pvt Ltd
Intigen Technologies is progressive IT service provider with proven track record in the areas of SOFTWARE SERVICES and SOFTWARE PRODUCTS.
Contact Address

Intigen Technologies Pvt Ltd
B6, T-TBI, 4th Floor, Nila

Tel : - +91 471 4070030

16. Innoz Technologies Pvt Ltd                http://innoz.in/
Innoz technologies is a software product based company rooted at Technopark Trivandrum. A student startup, which had initiated the virtual incubation process and is the first offsite incubated company in India. Innoz Technologies is an extension centre of T-TBI with the support of EDC in LBS College of Engineering and they are functioning there.This startup has been initiated for the need of brilliance and innovation in the software field mainly focusing on 3 fields  namely mobile ,internet and new media. The team extended the company to more domains other than web and application development, they set out to opt mobile field, which has now evolved into what sits at the core of the Innoz system.
 Products and Services
  • SmsGYAN, an innovative text messaging interface for trivia/definitions using mobile phones.
  • Innoz labs
  • Protium Jukebox, an online music player is the ongoing project work of Innoz Technologies
17.Certes Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd
The company has been a Virtual Incubatee of Technopark TBI since October. Starting with four members, their team developed into  nine. Certes is a student start up from Matha College of Engineering, North Paravur. Certes Innovative Solutions (CIS) primarily focus in the development of micro-controller based innovative electronics products. They are having a software team capable of developing various kinds of software products.  The company is  also concentrating in the academic project development for computer and electronic professional students . Their product include a micro controller based automatic  i-bell for educational institutions. A revised version of micro controller based water level indicator and a mobile phone jammer with remote range adjusting facilities are also in line.
  • Dataway Solutions Pvt Ltd, Garden City College, Bangalore
  • Catalyse Life Technologies Pvt Ltd, Garden City College, Bangalore
  • Vizvera Solutions Pvt Ltd - www.vizvera.com
18. Alokin Software Private Limited          
 Alokin Software Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 2011 as a  Limited Liability company.Alokin provide consultancy and R&D services in user experience, computing, technology and Web services.
Contact Address:

Rajeev J Sebastian, Managing Director/CEO

TBIC-17, Thejaswini Bldg, Technopark Campus,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 581
Telephone: +91-9846088898
Email: hello@alokin.in
Website: www.alokin.in

19. The Vats Group          
The Vats Group brings out a new concept for sharing valuable notes not only among the students but lecturers and professors from different colleges. The project is named as Slip Notes and it aim at developing a collaborative online study society which could help several students of engineering colleges to bring out best in them. The company works as a virtual incubateeof Technopark TBI since Feb 2011.
Contact Address:

Contact Person: Amit Subodh
Designation: CEO
Email: amitsubodh@gmail.com
Mob: +91 9746798407
The Vats Group
EBIC, SCMS School of Engineering & Technology,
T-TBI Extension Centre,
Vidya Nagar, Karakutty,
Ernakulam 683582
Website: Slipnotes.org , thevatsgroup.com

20. GreeInn Net Space

GreeInn is an innovative, customer focussed and consulting-oriented company and Outsourcing Services Provider.

Products - GreeInn search, GreeInn Coupons, Mobile Applications (iphone&Android), Rich Internet Applications.
Services – Web services, IT Support, Business IT Solutions.

Contact Address
Website – www.GreeInn-NetSpace.com
E-mail – info@greeinn-netspace.com
Phone +91 9447492184
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